Creative researchers turn to OdinText to uncover the thoughts & feelings that are driving business metrics. We are honored to work with leading minds in marketing, customer experience, and human resources. Thoughts & feelings are collected by business in several ways and Odin is compatible with any data source to let you work with the data that you have.

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Survey Research

Open-ended responses let people tell you what is on their minds – in their own words. We connect what people are saying to their other answers in the survey, which provides a more profound understanding to the researcher.

  • Tracking studies (NPS, CSAT)

  • Customer and employee satisfaction

  • Brand awareness

  • Concept testing

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Customer/Employee experience

Free-text responses let customers/employees explain to you what they care about most. It gives you the opportunity to empathize with them. We connect the feelings with the metrics that drive your business so you can focus on what will move the needle.

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Call center transcripts

  • Client emails

  • Vendor studies

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ratings and reviews

Public reviews provide a great source of feelings. The data is excellent for text analytics because it comes with structured metrics (date, product, rating) that are all used to bring context to their thoughts.

  • Google reviews

  • Amazon reviews

  • Trip Advisor reviews

  • Custom review sites

Case studies

We have been honored to work with many great minds in marketing, customer experience, and, human resources.

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“ OdinText analytics has uncovered insights that increase the value of our customer satisfaction program exponentially. The low correlation revealed between the quantitative survey metrics and our Customer Loyalty and Sales data was disappointing, but in retrospect makes sense. Fortunately text analytics can connect these important dots.”

– Amy Raihill, Insights Manager, Jiffy Lube International

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Thanks to OdinText, we are now able to turn all of this incredibly valuable feedback into meaningful data that trucking companies can use to directly improve the satisfaction of their drivers, thereby increasing their ability to attract and retain talent in a market where talent is in high demand

– Samuel Elitzer, Publisher & President,

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Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center

“The magnitude and detail are amazing!  This pinpoints exactly areas that we can work on. Other vendors just give us material, and we have to hunt and peck. For not knowing anything about our industry, this software is amazing! You know the atmosphere, what’s changing and what’s not… This blows me away.”

Jeffrey Jones, Director of Human Resources, Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center

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