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Engineered to uncover insights by illuminating what thoughts and feelings are impacting your KPIs. Our patented approach combines natural language processing and powerful statistical methods with advanced analytic modeling to connect the words (thoughts and feelings) with numbers (KPIs).

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Experimentation is at the heart of discovery, and at the heart of OdinText. Create as many Experiments against your data as needed to answer your questions. Experiments within OdinText let you explore your data through various lenses in order bring new perspectives into focus.

Example 1: Are women and men talking differently about your product/service? Using the gender demographic combined with CSAT score and isolated by topic will show you which topics are strongest between the genders.

Example 2: What are the differences and commonalities among users that email support vs those that use the online chat feature? Using the CSAT score combined with support channel used to identify the topics that are driving CSAT for each available channel.

Let us help you design the experiments that are most relevant for you.

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Facets and Focal points

Facets are segments that are important in looking at your data through a particular lens. 

For example, if you wanted to see how themes are changing over time, you will use a time based facet for each month within your data. As a researcher, for each experiment you'll have questions or a hunch about what you want to look at. Common facets include: date, gender, channel, store, country, and, loyalty level.

Focal points are topics and themes that are of interest. Focal points can be based on a dictionary of terms, or discovered through our automatic term detection. Focal Points gives you the power and flexibility to define them to suite your questions. Using our advanced NLP (natural language processing) you are not limited to standard dictionaries or spellings. This means that brand names, acronyms, jargon can all be used.

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Developing insights that will enable you to answer your questions. With OdinText you can uncover information that can be acted upon with enough confidence that the actions become clear for decision makers. Everyone has limited time and resources that they can put into any effort so it is crucial that we maximize the returns on efforts. You can now predict what’s going to provide the most compelling experiences for engagement.