Case Studies

For years, creative early adopting researchers have turned to OdinText with complex questions and more complex data.  We have been honored to work with many leading minds in marketing and customer experience. 

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“ OdinText analytics has uncovered insights that increase the value of our customer satisfaction program exponentially. The low correlation revealed between the quantitative survey metrics and our Customer Loyalty and Sales data was disappointing, but in retrospect makes sense. Fortunately text analytics can connect these important dots.”

- Amy Raihill, Insights Manager, Jiffy Lube International

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Truckers Report

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Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center

“The magnitude and detail are amazing!  This pinpoints exactly areas that we can work on. Other vendors just give us material, and we have to hunt and peck. For not knowing anything about our industry, this software is amazing! You know the atmosphere, what’s changing and what’s not… This blows me away.”

- Jeffrey Jones, Director of Human Resources, Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center