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Best 10 Text Analytics Tips Posts of The Year

Our Top 10 Most Read Data and Text Mining Posts of 2017

Thank you for reading our blog this year. The OdinText blog has quickly become even more popular than the Next Gen Market Research blog, and I really appreciate the thoughtful feedback we’ve gotten here on the blog, via Twitter, and email.

In case you’re curious, here are the most popular posts of the year:

#10 NFL Players Taking a Knee is More Complex and Polarizing Than We ThinkIf a Topic is Worth Quantifying – It’s Also Worth Understanding The Why’s Behind It

#9 Text Analytics Picks The 10 Strongest Super Bowl AdsNew Text Analytics Poll Shows Which Super Bowl Ads Really Performed Best

#8 Why Your HR Survey is a Lie and How to Get The TruthOdinText Discovers Job Satisfaction Drivers in Anonymous Employee Data

#7 Of Tears & Text Analytics(An OdinText User Story – Text Analytics Guest Post (AI Meets VOC))

#6 65 CEO’s Share Thoughts on Insights(Insights Associations Inaugural CEO Summit – A Future Tied to Collaboration and Technology)

#5 Why Machine Learning is Meaningless (Beware of Buzzwords! The Truth about ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’)

#4 Do You Speak Teen? OdinText Announces 2nd Annual List of Top 10 Slang Terms(How Text Analytics Can Help Marketers Move at the Speed of Slang)

#3 Text Analysis Reveals Potential French Election French Election Upset(Text Analytics Poll Showed How Close Le Pen Came to ‘Trumping’ Macron)

#2 Text Analytics Poll: Why We Unfriend on Facebook(You Can’t Handle The Truth (And Other Top Reasons Why We Unfriend on Facebook)

#1 What Americans Really Think About Trump’s Immigration Ban and Why(Text Analysis of What People Say in Their Own Words Reveals More Than Multi-Choice Surveys)

I thought I’d also check what our top 5 posts were from last year as well, here they are in case you missed them:

Top Posts From 2016

#1 Text Analysis Answers Is The Quran Really More Violent Than The Bible (3 Parts)

#2 Attensity Sold – What Does it Mean?

#3 Customer Satisfaction Surveys: What do Satisfied VS Dissatisfied Customers Talk About?

#4 What’s Really Wrong With Polling?

#5 What Your Customer Satisfaction Research Isn’t Telling You

Thanks again for reading and commenting. As always I welcome your thoughts and questions via LinkedIn, or feel free to request info on anything you’ve read above here.

Happy New Year!


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