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Text Analytics Reveals the Average American Thanksgiving Menu

American’s Recount the Items That Make Up Their Annual Thanksgiving Dinner That most American Holiday, Thanksgiving, is here. But other than Turkey, what does the typical thanksgiving dinner consist of?

Last year for Thanksgiving we used the OdinText Analytics platform to understand what Americans are most thankful for. This year we were curious which items other than Turkey grace the Thanksgiving table.

Without further ado, here are the 50 most frequently mentioned items.

50 Thanksgiving Items Text Analytics

There were some differences by various demographic cuts from gender, age and geography. Below we look at the four major US geographies across 7 items with some of the biggest differences.

Regional Thanksgiving Differences Text Analytics

It is in fact possible to predict where someone lives with relative accuracy based on how they describe their Thanksgiving table.

For instance, Northeasterners are far more likely to expect Squash and Brussel Sprouts, and far less likely to have deviled eggs.

Midwesterners are more likely to mention Noodles, Deviled Eggs, and anything “creamy”, and less likely to mention Squash or Brussel Sprouts.

In the West potatoes, olives and wine are more likely to be mentioned, while Brussel Sprouts, Corn, Squash and Dressing are less popular.

Southerners like Deviled Eggs, cheese and broccoli and less likely to mention olives or noodles

While text analytics is a very quantitative science, it is worth pointing out that drilling into comments for a qualitative feel of descriptors is often worthwhile. For example, something as simple as ‘Dressing’ or ‘Green Bean Casserole’ can often be described with high emotion and specific reference to family members who typically make the dish very well, i.e. “And of Course, Grandma’s Dressing” or “Uncle Joe’s delicious Green Beans, I have no idea what he put’s in there, it’s just awesome…”

What are your favorite dishes?

Happy Thanksgiving!



[Note: This Text Analytics Poll was conducted among n=1,500 Gen Pop Americans ages 18-65 November 19-21, 2017 and text analyzed with OdinText. For more information on OdinText see Info Request]