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Top Ten Text Analytics Tips of The Year

The Top 10 Most Popular Text Analytics Tips Posts of 2016 We at OdinText thank you so much for your readership and comments on our blog this year. Below is a list of our top 10 most popular posts of the year.

#1 Text Analysis of The Old Testament, New Testament and Quran

Text Analytics Bible Q


Note this was a three part post (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)


#2 Attensity, Clarabridge VS OdinText: What’s The Difference?

Attensity Clarabridge Text Analytics Comparison

Note this post also had a very popular follow-up post (Attensity Sells IP to Incontact: What Does it Mean?)


#3 Why Text Analytics Needs to Move at the Speed of Slang


Because this post was so popular we’ve decided to update it first week of the new Year with this year’s hottest new terms, check back soon!

#4 Election 2016


The Weekend Prior to the election OdinText foretold of the upset to come in our post entitled Who Are You Voting Against?

Because of the interest in this post it was followed up with two more very popular posts What’s Really Wrong With Political Polling? AND a follow up webinar hosted by The Advertising Reseaarch Foundation (ARF) and The Grenbook How Did The Media Get it So Wrong?


#5 What your Customer Satisfaction Research Isn’t Telling You

Customer Satisfaction Distribution -


Very important post whether or not you follow the cult of NPS (Net Promoter Score)

#6 Shedding Light on Dark Data – How to Get Started


What is Dark Data and Why it's bigger than Big Data! (Hint You probably have more than you think and OdinText can help)

#7 Top Market Research Innovators Announced (NGMR Award Competition)


#8 Text Analytics Predicts Your Politics Without Asking


Also a Two Part Post (Part I and Part II)

#9 Brand Analytics Tips - How Old Is your Brand?

 Text Analytics Tips Age OdinText

Note: This was part of a popular 3 part series showing how a simple comment question can generate a lot of competitive branding and positioning information (Part II Branding and Gender, Part III Branding and Politics)

#10 Beginning Your Text Analytics Analysis Correctly 


Last, but definitely not least, rounding out the year’s Top 10 Posts was a post from one of our Data Scientist’s on how to begin any text analysis with the Key Driver: Top Down Bottom Up Approach which we teach all OdinText users during our training.

Again thank you for your readership, suggesitons and comments. We have several interesting new analysis and text analytics tips already planned and will be posting a few of these in the coming weeks, please stop by soon.

Happy New Year!

Your Friends @OdinText


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