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Free ARF Podcast Tuesday: 2016 Election Poll Fail and What it Means for Research

ARF Podcast Explores Why No One Predicted the Trump Win and Implications for Consumer Insights (A Text Analytics PollTM ) Most of us are still scratching our heads as to how no one in this business predicted the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Race.

On Tuesday November 29 from 8:30-11a.m. EST, the ARF and GreenBook are running a special podcast on this topic: Predicting Election 2016: What Worked, What Didn’t and the Implications for Marketing & Insights.

I’ve been asked to participate as a panelist and to elaborate on the topic covered in my post-election blog here. I can tell you the problems pollsters faced are not so different from those we face in marketing research every day.

Accordingly, the podcast will feature a roster of industry experts to explore the implications of this polling failure for commercial research and analytics, including:

  • Trust in research (especially surveys)
  • New tools and techniques
  • Predicting and modeling behavior or trends
  • Implicit vs. explicit data sources
  • The application of cognitive and behavioral psychology, and more!

At this point you may be suffering from election fatigue. I get it.

But if your job involves predicting consumer behavior, you won’t want to miss this!



Tom H. C. Anderson

OdinText Inc.



OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for natural language processing and advanced text analysis. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to mine insights from complex, unstructured text data. The technology is available through the venture-backed Stamford, CT firm of the same name founded by CEO Tom H. C. Anderson, a recognized authority and pioneer in the field of text analytics with more than two decades of experience in market research. Anderson is the recipient of numerous awards for innovation from industry associations such as ESOMAR, CASRO, the ARF and the American Marketing Association. He tweets under the handle @tomhcanderson.