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The Hidden Cost of Big-Ticket Text Analytics: Time

How Messy Multi Departmental Procurement and Lengthy Implementation Stall Text Analytics Insights The inspiration for this week’s clip in our “Get the Job Done!” series is the big-ticket procurement and implementation process—and all of those folks whose opinions you don’t need.

Take a look:

We hear all the time from prospective clients who’ve found themselves bogged down in the painful, protracted process of getting buy-in for enterprise text analytics platforms that offer something for everyone and come with a six-figure price tag.

Oftentimes, this procurement process involves people in the organization who have lots of opinions but no research expertise and who, in cases, won’t even be using the purchase in question.

Worse yet, after everyone has had his/her say and the purchase has finally gone through, the original intended user finds the whole initiative mired in a lengthy, complicated implementation!

Six months in, they find themselves stuck in more meetings, investing even more precious time building custom, static ontologies that will require ongoing updates, maintenance and even more time down the road…

It’s 2017 and the one thing no one can afford to waste is time.

If you’re looking for a combination of analytics firepower, scalability, and ease of implementation and use, OdinText is unrivaled:

  • One hour of training

  • No customization or ongoing updates necessary

  • Scales to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of size

  • Handles any data set—Big or Small

  • State-of-the-art analytics sophistication

  • Affordable enough not to need a procurement committee

Ask yourself how you’d like to spend the new year. More meetings?

Don’t let other departments, procurement and a lengthy implementation process hijack your text analytics work. Get the job done now!

Contact us today to arrange a demo using your own data and find out how your organization can be up and running text analytics right away.


Tom H. C. Anderson

OdinText Inc.


OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for advanced analytics. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to mine insights from complex, unstructured text data. The technology is available through the venture-backed Stamford, CT firm of the same name founded by CEO Tom H. C. Anderson, a recognized authority and pioneer in the field of text analytics with more than two decades of experience in market research. Anderson is the recipient of numerous awards for innovation from industry associations such as ESOMAR, CASRO, the ARF and the American Marketing Association. He tweets under the handle @tomhcanderson.

Why You Don’t Need a Lumberjack in a Tutu

How to Get Bogged Down with Clarabridge in 2017  

I don’t know if he’s actually a lumberjack, but the man in the video is definitely not a ballerina.

It’s obvious to most that slapping a tutu on someone big and ungainly does not make him a dancer. Yet I see other text analytics software providers attempting to effect a similar illusion all the time.

Take Clarabridge, for example. (I’m not picking on them, but they are the largest player in the market.)

Clarabridge stuffs all sorts of unnecessary features and fancy terminology—word clouds, dashboards, a litany of linguistics jargon— into what amounts to a bloated, inefficient enterprise platform when most of us just need answers to business questions.

And they’re expensive. You won’t even qualify for a Clarabridge demo unless you have a six-figure budget.

A lot of Time, A Lot of Effort, No Results?

Experts and economists stress that increasing productivity should be a primary concern among companies in 2017.

The only thing potentially more time-consuming than getting buy-in for a six-figure investment in text analytics software like Clarabridge may be implementing it.

These platforms require extensive training and rely on antiquated rules-based approaches and custom dictionaries that require frequent updates.

While you’re spending all of this time and effort in meetings to get the solution in place, the job you bought it for isn’t getting done.

By contrast, OdinText takes only one hour of training to get started, it scales beautifully and your team can be conducting actual text analytics in January!

So…How Will You Spend Your Time and Budget Next Year?

Next year, would you prefer to be talking about text analytics or actually doing them?

The way I see it, you have two choices:

  1. Spend six months to a year or more assessing and debating an investment internally and then trying to implement a behemoth text analytics platform across your company.


  1. Hit the ground running with a no-nonsense tool to quickly and effectively get practical answers to real business questions.

Don’t spend 2017 trying to dance with a lumberjack in a tutu. OdinText was designed by researchers for researchers - Get the job done!

Contact us today to arrange a demo using your own data and find out how your organization can be up and running text analytics in as little as a few weeks.



Tom H. C. Anderson OdinText Inc.



OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for advanced analytics. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to mine insights from complex, unstructured text data. The technology is available through the venture-backed Stamford, CT firm of the same name founded by CEO Tom H. C. Anderson, a recognized authority and pioneer in the field of text analytics with more than two decades of experience in market research. Anderson is the recipient of numerous awards for innovation from industry associations such as ESOMAR, CASRO, the ARF and the American Marketing Association. He tweets under the handle @tomhcanderson.


Attensity Sells IP to InContact: What Does it Mean?

Goodbye to Attensity, an early text analytics pioneer Attensity

Fellow text analytics colleagues,

I wanted to direct your attention to some industry news that broke today. It appears that Attensity—an OdinText competitor and a long time name in the text analytics software space—is selling its IP assets to InContact, a provider of call center solutions. (Read about it here.)

For people who’ve been watching the text analytics sector, this probably comes as no big surprise. It is well known that Attensity has been in the throes of some financial difficulty for a while. And just last month they sold their European business to an investment consortium. (Read about it here.)

It is my guess that Attensity’s text analysis software will be bundled into InContact’s portfolio as a value add for call center customers—essentially using the former’s basic NLP for a voice-to-text application and then to code results.

Whether or not Attensity’s product continues to exist in a standalone capacity, too, or what this means for their existing customers remains to be seen.

I think this development is noteworthy in part because Attensity was one of the earliest players in the text analytics space. In fact, even Claraview—the company from which Clarabridge was later spun off in 2006—initially licensed Attensity’s technology, before developing their own very similar tool.

As I noted in a very recent blog post, Attensity and Clarabridge both adhere to a rules-based approach that requires costly and time-consuming customization.

At the risk of being self-serving, it seems to me that as the text analytics market continues to mature and buyers become better informed, we’ll see increasing demand for more flexible solutions that are faster to get up and running and easier to use with a better total cost of ownership.

That’s good news for OdinText, but as the situation with Attensity suggests it doesn’t bode well for competitors with eight figure debt selling dated approaches.

That said, it is an extremely exciting time for industry as a whole with adoption continuing to increase as more and more use cases now move to clients ‘must have’ lists.



[NOTE: Tom is Founder and CEO of OdinText Inc.. A long time champion of text mining, in 2005 he founded Anderson Analytics LLC, the first consumer insights/marketing research consultancy focused on text analytics. In 2015 he founded OdinText SaaS which take a new, Next Generation approach to text analytics. He is a frequent speaker and data science guest lecturer at university and research industry events.]

Attensity, Clarabridge vs. OdinText: What’s the Difference?

Attensity Clarabridge Text Analytics Software Comparison - The Printing Press Still Prints, But Who Would Want To? I’m always a bit reluctant to talk about competitors because I don’t want to disparage anyone, but people often ask me: what differentiates OdinText from your two big, well-known text analytics software competitors, Attensity and Clarabridge?


Attensity and Clarabridge are traditional text analytics tools, but they adhere to an outmoded, rules-based approach. This means they require costly and time-consuming expert customization before they can be useful to a client.

Furthermore, once these rules-based dictionaries are created, they only apply to the data used to create the rules. So, if you attempt to use the tool in another industry, category or company or for a different data set, critical exceptions to these rules creep up that render them useless.

Attensiity Clarabridge Text Analytics Software Comparison


In contrast, we built OdinText from an analyst’s perspective—not a developer’s—so that it’s intuitive, adaptive, data agnostic and fast. It doesn’t need all of this extensive priming and it works great right out of the box, which cuts the speed to insight dramatically.

The platform is easy to use, trainable to everyone and flexible in order to provide long-term value across an organization. This is part of the reason why we refer to our solution as Next Generation Text AnalyticsTM.


OdinText is the culmination of more than a decade of applied text analytics experience as a user of multiple text mining software platforms for large clients, including social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We realized that all of these platforms were built on an approach that required custom dictionaries and linguistic rules—they are more similar than different—and on the analytics side they all lacked fundamental capabilities to perform the tasks for which researchers like us needed them.


The exclusive advantages to OdinText’s empirically-based, patented approach include what we refer to as Contextual Sentiment and ESC (Noise Reduction). Put simply, OdinText automatically filters out noise and brings important verbatim issues and relationships in the data to the user’s attention, allowing them to easily discover what they may not otherwise even have known to look for.

[Contact us for additional information on OdinText Contextual Sentiment/Noise Reduction]

Attensity Clarabridge Text Analytics Softwaer Comparison

The real innovation in word processing was not the technology, but its impact: Word processing simplified and democratized publishing.

OdinText doesn’t require a team of linguists, data scientists or expert consultants to set up before you can use it or reuse it. OdinText enables anyone in your organization to quickly, easily conduct sophisticated analyses of any unstructured text data—survey open-ends, call center transcripts, email, social media, discussion boards—to deliver immediate insights.


In short, OdinText is built for the Analyst in mind - faster setup, cleaner data, better insight, all within a simple interface everyone -- especially Analysts -- can use.

Find out for yourself. Contact us for a demo.


Yours fondly, @TomHCAnderson


[NOTE: Tom is Founder and CEO of OdinText Inc.. A long time champion of text mining, in 2005 he founded Anderson Analytics LLC, the first consumer insights/marketing research consultancy focused on text analytics. He is a frequent speaker and data science guest lecturer at university and research industry events.]

Big Data on the Roof!

BigDataDisruptiveTechnologistsMeetUpTextAnalyticsRoofTop[Re-posted from Next Gen Market Research Blog] Disruptive Technologists Meetup

Those of you in Manhattan interested in Big Data and Analytics, I’ve been invited to represent text analytics - unstructured analysis on a big data panel at the Disruptive Technologists Meetup in NYC this coming Monday.

Would love to see some other Next Gen Market Researchers in the area come out for the event. It sounds like a very interesting group . If you don’t come for the panel, come for the mingling on the rooftop bar ;)

More info below:

Disruptive Technologists in NYC - Big Data: New Initiatives, Opinions & Future

Monday, June 2, 2014 6:15-10:30pm

[Big Data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis, including social media, text, visual images and metadata. We'll explore the new initiatives, new products, opinions, and the future of data.]


Tom H. C. Anderson Tom Anderson is the CEO of Anderson Analytics and an award-winning data scientist specializing in unstructured (text) data. His firm Anderson Analytics’s patented Next Generation text analytics software was recently named a key challenger to previous leaders in the text analytics space such as IBM, Clarabridge and SAS. OdinText is the only text analytics software platform especially designed for the consumer insights professional. Tom’s pioneering work in the field has been covered in several decision science text books and industry trade journals.

Gale Brewer Gale A. Brewer is the 27th Manhattan Borough President, responsible for advising the Mayor and City Council on borough concerns, commenting on all land-use matters in the borough, advocating for the borough in the municipal budget process, and appointing members of Manhattan's 12 Community Boards. The Borough President also chairs the Borough Board, made up of City Council Members and Chairs from the Community Boards, and the Borough Services Cabinet, composed of senior officials from City agencies delivering services in the borough.

She previously served on the City Council for 12 years, from 2002 through 2013, representing the 6th Council District which includes most of the Upper West Side and northern Clinton. As Councilmember, she successfully passed legislation guaranteeing paid sick leave for most hourly employees, compelling landlords to fix repeat violations, requiring all City data be published online, and the nation’s first law protecting domestic workers.

Andrew Lerner Andrew Lerner is the CEO of Metrics which collects about 17,000 unique data measurements per web page and has developed several dozen algrothrims that apply that data. Those algorithms are used to help advertisers and media sellers define what advertising impressions best meet a brand's buying guidelines in scale digital media buys. He has more than 18 years of experience working at the convergence of the media and software industries. Since 1992, he has focused particularly on the Internet. Andy founded, ran, and sold a venture backed company, Urban Data Solutions, that delivered multi-dimensional databases and data applications via the internet for wireless telecommunications, real estate, the government, and media industries. For five years in the 1990’s, Andy ran Time Warner Electronic Publishing.

Rick o'Toole Rick O'Toole is the founder and CTO of Rockerbox, the leader in Momentum-Marketing. Rockerbox processes and analyzes over 4 billion ad impressions a day to determine the real-time intent of millions of web browsers. With this insight, Rockerbox enables companies like Shutterstock, Journelle and Learnvest to target the optimal user with the correct message at the right moment. Most recently, Rick led integrations at AppNexus for companies such as Facebook and Yahoo in addition to being a founding data science engineer in AppNexus’ Marketplace-Analytics group. Rick holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Harvey Mudd College.

Sage Wohns Sage Wohns is the CEO & Founder of Agolo, a Natural Language Processing Engine that is making sense of real-time web content. This application alerts users to what’s immediately relevant for them and answers their questions automatically. With 500,000,000 tweets a day, a new form of timely, relevant and personalized information is being created and lost because of the speed and volume of the real-time web. From a young age, Sage has been very interested in technology entrepreneurship including and WebFlux: Custom. He graduated fromColumbia Business Schooland is now the Lead Engineer at Rakuten.

Disruptive Moderator: David Carlos, CTO of,Tech Geek and Entrepreneur

Breakthrough Analysis: Text Analytics 2014

[The following interview is re-posted with Permission from Seth Grimes’ Breakthrough Analysis] I post a yearly look at the Text Analytics industry — technologies and market developments — from the provider perspective. This year’s is Text Analytics 2014.

To gather background material for the article, and for my forth-coming report Text Analytics 2014: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers (which should be out by late May), I interviewed a number of industry figures: Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin, Clarabridge CEO Sid BanerjeeFiona McNeill of SAS, Daedalus co-founder José Carlos González, and Tom Anderson of Anderson Analytics and OdinText. (The links behind the names will take you to the individual Q&A articles.) This article is –

Text Analytics 2014: Q&A with Tom Anderson, Anderson Analytics and OdinText



1) How has the market for text technologies, and text-analytics-reliant solutions, changed in the past year? Any surprises?

Customers are starting to become a little more savvy than before which is something we really welcome. One of two things used to happen before, we either had to explain what text analytics was and what the value was or two, sometimes had to deal with a representative from purchasing who represented various departments all with different unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on their wish list. The latter especially is a recipe for disaster when selecting a text analytics vendor.

Now more often we are talking directly to a manager who oftentimes has used one of our competitors, and knows what they like and don’t like, has very real needs and wants to see a demo of how our software works. This more transparent approach is a win-win for both us and our clients.

2) Do you have a 2013 user story, from a customer, that really illustrates what text analytics is all about?

I have several great ones, but perhaps my favorite this year was how Shell Oil/Jifffy Lube used OdinText to leverage data from three different databases and discover exactly how to drive profits higher :

3) How have perceptions and requirements surrounding sentiment analysis evolved? Where are sentiment capabilities heading, in your view?

OdinText handles sentiment quite a bit differently than other companies. Without getting into that in detail, I will say that I’m pleased to see that one good thing has happened in regard to the discourse around sentiment. Specifically, vendors have stopped making sentiment accuracy claims, as they seem to have figured out what we have known for quite some time, that accuracy is unique to data source.

Therefore the claims you used to hear like “our software is 98% accurate” have stopped. This is refreshing. Now you are likely to only hear accuracy claims from academia, since usually they have very limited access to data and are less likely to work with custom data.

Equally important in the industry realizing that sentiment accuracy claims don’t make sense is the fact that even clients have started to realize that comparing human coding to text analytics is apples to oranges. Humans are not accurate, they are very limited, Text analytics is better, but also very different!

4) What new features or capabilities are top of your customers’ and prospects’ wish lists for 2014? And what new abilities or solutions can we expect to see from your company in the coming year?

We’ve been adding several new powerful features. What we’re struggling with is adding more functionality without making user interface more difficult. We’ll be rolling some of these out in early 2014.

5) Mobile’s growth is only accelerating, complicating the data picture, accompanied by a desire for faster, more accurate, and more useful, situational insights delivery. How are you keeping up?

I know “real time analytics” is almost as popular buzzword as “big data”, but OdinText is meant for strategic and actionable insights. I joke with my clients when discussing various “real-time reporting” issues that (other than ad-hoc analysis of course) “if you are providing standard reports any more often than quarterly or at most monthly, then no one is going to take what you do very seriously”. I may say it as a joke, but of course it’s very true. Real-time analytics is an oxymoron.

6) Where does the greatest opportunity reside, for you as a solution provider Internationalization? Algorithms, visualization, or other technical advances? In data integration and synthesis and expansion to new data sources? In providing the means for your customers to monetize data, or in monetizing data yourselves? In untapped business domains or in greater uptake in the domains you already serve?

I do think there’s a lot more opportunity in monetizing data, one of the things we are looking at.

7) Do you have anything to add, regarding the 2014 outlook for text analytics and your company?

End of 2013 was better than expected, so very excited about 2014.

Thank you to Tom!

Click on the links that follow to read other Text Analytics 2014 Q&A responses: Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin, Clarabridge CEO Sid BanerjeeFiona McNeill of SAS, and Daedalus co-founder José Carlos González. And click here for this year’s industry summary, Text Analytics 2014.

OdinText Named Key Challenger to IBM and SAS in Text Analytics Space

Anderson Analytics’ New Text Analytics Platform OdinText Positioned to Challenge Status Quo Anderson Analytics’ OdinText was named as a key challenger to competitors IBM, SAS, Clarabridge and Attensity last week in both the ‘Go to Market Strength’ and ‘Customer Experience Strength’ Quadrants of the 2013 Text Analytics Victory Index Report.

The Customer Experience Strength category is evaluated based on Validity (strength of product) as well as Value (strength in meeting client objectives). Go To Market Strength is based on Viability (stability of company) and Vision (strength of company strategy).

Anderson Analytics CEO and inventor of OdinText, Tom H. C. Anderson, commented

We are pleased to be recognized by industry analysts and customers so early after launch. Clients today recognize that the best innovation typically comes from newer software solutions. The challenge will be never to rest on our reputation, but to continually build it by listening to our customers. Fortunately, this is exactly what our software OdinText is extremely good at. We’re looking forward to a very exciting 2013.

Founded in 2005, Anderson Analytics was the first market research firm to leverage text analytics in consumer insights. The firm has been recognized several times in the past for their innovative methodology and leadership in the text analytics field including awards from industry organizations such as the World Market Research Association (ESOMAR), The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

The independent study on text analytics software vendors was conducted by Hurwitz & Associates, a strategy consulting, market research and analyst firm that focuses on how technology solutions solve real world customer problems. Hurwitz research concentrates on disruptive technologies, such as Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, Service Management, Information Management, Application Development and Deployment, and Collaborative Computing.