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Big Boulder Initiative Tackles Social Media Analytics!

Forging the Future of Social Analytics & Big Data in Colorado Next Week

I’m really looking forward to The Big Boulder Conference in Boulder, CO next week. This is a must-attend event for anyone with a stake or even an interest in social data.

Big Boulder Intitiative

Big Boulder Intitiative

For those of you not familiar with it, the conference is produced by The Big Boulder Initiative (BBI) — the first trade organization for the social media and data monitoring industry.

OdinText joined BBI two years ago at the urging of clients and partners who were excited to help establish learning and norms for better social analytics.

Next week’s event brings together some leading experts and top companies within the social data ecosystem to collectively address key challenges that face the industry.

One of the biggest problems with social analytics as I see it is quality of data. This is what I’m most interested in discussing and understanding in terms of what the future might hold and what we can do to clean and enrich what we already have.

If you’re planning on being there please say hello!

Tom H.C. Anderson | @TomHCanderson@OdinText

Tom H.C. Anderson

Tom H.C. Anderson

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