Useful Business Analytics Summit

Interested in hearing how to make analytics more useful for your clients? I certainly am, and that’s why OdinText will sponsor this year’s Useful Business Analytics Summit in Boston, June 10-11. Perhaps what makes the event most unique is the promise that you won’t see one single salesy presentation - not even one of our excellent OdinText case studies. Why not? Vendors aren’t allowed to present at the Summit, speakerwise this is a CLIENT SIDE ONLY event.

Though I won’t be speaking at this event, I have still been asked to help out by moderating an exciting panel on Customer Analytics specifically related to CRM, Loyalty and Retention. On the CRM panel with me will be:




Starting this week and over the several days I plan on getting to know not just the members of my panel better but several of the other speakers as well. Therefore I invite you to check back to the blog tomorrow as I kick off a series of questions to several of the interesting speakers at this event.

Tomorrow’s question will be about seemingly everyone’s top of mind issue, Big Data.




PS. If you're planning to attend the event please let me know, I’d love to meet and say hello. (Also, feel free to use our OdinText event discount code: ODINTEXT )


[Full Disclosure: Tom H. C. Anderson is Managing Partner of Anderson Analytics, developers of a patented Next Generation approach to text analytics known as OdinText. For more information and to inquire about software licensing visit OdinText INFO Request.]