The Hidden Cost of Big-Ticket Text Analytics: Time

How Messy Multi Departmental Procurement and Lengthy Implementation Stall Text Analytics Insights The inspiration for this week’s clip in our “Get the Job Done!” series is the big-ticket procurement and implementation process—and all of those folks whose opinions you don’t need.

Take a look:


We hear all the time from prospective clients who’ve found themselves bogged down in the painful, protracted process of getting buy-in for enterprise text analytics platforms that offer something for everyone and come with a six-figure price tag.

Oftentimes, this procurement process involves people in the organization who have lots of opinions but no research expertise and who, in cases, won’t even be using the purchase in question.

Worse yet, after everyone has had his/her say and the purchase has finally gone through, the original intended user finds the whole initiative mired in a lengthy, complicated implementation!

Six months in, they find themselves stuck in more meetings, investing even more precious time building custom, static ontologies that will require ongoing updates, maintenance and even more time down the road…

It’s 2017 and the one thing no one can afford to waste is time.

If you’re looking for a combination of analytics firepower, scalability, and ease of implementation and use, OdinText is unrivaled:

  • One hour of training
  • No customization or ongoing updates necessary
  • Scales to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of size
  • Handles any data set—Big or Small
  • State-of-the-art analytics sophistication
  • Affordable enough not to need a procurement committee

Ask yourself how you’d like to spend the new year. More meetings?

Don’t let other departments, procurement and a lengthy implementation process hijack your text analytics work. Get the job done now!

Contact us today to arrange a demo using your own data and find out how your organization can be up and running text analytics right away.


Tom H. C. Anderson

OdinText Inc.



OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for advanced analytics. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to mine insights from complex, unstructured text data. The technology is available through the venture-backed Stamford, CT firm of the same name founded by CEO Tom H. C. Anderson, a recognized authority and pioneer in the field of text analytics with more than two decades of experience in market research. Anderson is the recipient of numerous awards for innovation from industry associations such as ESOMAR, CASRO, the ARF and the American Marketing Association. He tweets under the handle @tomhcanderson.