Text Analytics World 2014


We’re happy to once again be a sponsor of Text Analytics World. We’ve very much enjoyed the Boston MA events in the past. The upcoming event will be held this March 17-19 in San Francisco CA.

Those of you interested in attending please feel free to use discount code ODIN2014 (15% off Registration). More on event details below:


Text Analytics World San Francisco 2014


Text Analytics World is the full-spectrum conference that covers all aspects of text analytics. To solidify the business value you gain from text analytics, TAW delivers the latest methods/techniques, demonstrating their deployment across a wide range of industries large and small. TAW also explores the full range of vendor solutions and various forms of text analytics enterprise deployment.

TAW explores five major areas of text analytics:

Big Data – Integration of text analytics and predictive analytics – converting text into data and enhancing text mining applications, decision support, topic discovery, predictive modeling, and more

Social Media – Sentiment analysis, voice of the customer and other new social applications

Enterprise Applications –Enterprise search and search based applications, knowledge management (collaboration, expertise location, advanced knowledge bases), content management and other productivity applications

Intelligence Applications –Business intelligence, customer intelligence, security, fraud detection, survey analysis and more

Knowledge Organization – Categorization techniques, noun phrase extraction approaches, taxonomy development and applications, semantic web and semantic technologies and new knowledge models