Text Analytics VS Other Research Methods

The Great Methodology Debate – IIEX2014 At the Insights Innovation Exchange in Atlanta this June, OdinText Founder, Tom H. C. Anderson took part in a methodology debate with thought leaders in specific areas of ‘Next Gen Market Research’.

We believe that Text Analytics is important not just because of its implications within market research or any kind of research for that matter, but because of its value across so many other disciplines as well. All of the marketing research techniques represented in the debate are useful of course, and text analytics can be an aid in every single case.

Thanks to IIEX 2014 Moderator Lenny Murphy (GreenBook), and all of the panelists: Tom H. C. Anderson (Anderson Analytics - OdinText), Niels Schillewaert (InSites Consulting), Michalis Michael (Digital MR), Mark Michelson (MMRA), Steve Genco (Intuitive Consumer Insights)


[Full Disclosure: Tom H. C. Anderson is Managing Partner of Anderson Analytics, developers of patented Next Generation Text Analytics™software platform OdinText. For more information and to inquire about software licensing visit ODINTEXT INFO REQUEST]