Text Analytics in Survey Magazine

Selecting the Best Text Analytics Software an Interview with OdinText Founder Tom H. C. Anderson


It’s very exciting to see that for the first time in a market research publication, Text Analytics has been selected as the cover story. It truly Is a testament to how far the text analytics field has come in terms of awareness and usability.

The current issue of Survey Research Magazine, print and online issues, features an interview with OdinText founder Tom H. C. Anderson. The issue also includes an opinion piece on how to navigate the difficult market and choose the best text analytics software provider for your needs.

We welcome your thoughts on the topic. The text analytics story is on pages 50-59. (Also in this issue the 2014 list of 20 Researcher You Need to Know).


[ NOTE: Tom H. C. Anderson is Managing Partner of Anderson Analytics, developers of patented Next Generation Text Analytics™ software platform OdinText. For more information and to inquire about software licensing visit ODINTEXT INFO REQUEST ]