Text Analytics for Very Smart Dummies

Today's Most Popular and Least Understood Research Tool Explained...Sort Of Those of you interested in the Next Gen Market Research area of Text Analytics may find this series on ‘Text Analytics for (Very Smart) Dummies' of interest. IIR's Marc Dresner, ahead of their Tech Driven Market Research Event has posed the question "what really is text analytics?' and reached out to get three different perspectives which he is posting on the TMRE blog over the next three days.

I was honored two weeks ago to take part in the first interview in the series (a supplier's perspective), link via image below.

The second perspective last week came from IBM, a company whose text analytics software I'm quite familiar with (Anderson Analytics had an early partnership with IBM PASW). This is a rather interesting use case as they are leveraging text analytics to understand their own employees communication around IBM's products and services.

The series was concluded today with another interesting (client side) use case that I'm more familiar with. Kodak Gallery has been using OdinText for two tracking studies for some time now and more recently even for larger ad-hoc survey research studies as well.

My thoughts in the area of whom should be using text analytics, in terms of where the ROI is greatest, continues to evolve as we work with clients with different needs (from survey comments and CRM data to call center logs and social media). I'm very interested in where others have found text analytics most useful, and equally interested in honest discussion around where it still seems to have a somewhat lower ROI such as focus groups. I'd welcome your thoughts and comments either here on the blog privately if you wish.

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