Text Analytics at the AMA Science Fair

Big Data Experts on Hand for Q&A

A bit last minute I know, but wanted to let Next Gen researchers out on the West Coast know about the American Marketing Association’s event next week in San Diego. It’s called Analytics with Purpose: The Human Edge of Big Data and what’s unique about this event is that it has a ‘Science Fair’ component where one leader from each area of Big Data analytics has been selected as the subject matter expert and will answer any questions that come up among attendees during the event.

I was honored to be asked to participate as the Text Analytics expert, and really look forward to being out on the West Coast. Especially, as until very recently, all the text analytics related events have taken place here on the East coast (Boston or NYC).

I understand the event may already be sold out, but if you’re on the West coast and plan to be there please feel free to ask me anything. I’ll do my best to answer any question as honestly as I can. I’m obviously a bit biased in favor of OdinText but, that said, I quite often refer clients to other vendors if I see there isn’t a good match.

Hope to see you Monday.

@TomHCAnderson @OdinText

PS. If you can’t be at the event and have a question on text mining you can contact me directly. Always happy to help if I can.