Sentiment Analysis in Market Research

Importance of Sentiment Analysis in Marketing Research Domain It's exciting to see more market researchers starting to leverage text analytics including sentiment analysis. My friend Seth Grimes has been a source of information and inspiration to many of us working in text analytics since the outset and ahead of his annual event, the Sentiment Analysis Symposium he interviewed four marketing research practitioners in regard to our thoughts related to sentiment and text analytics. Along with Carol Haney of Toluna, Kate Niederhoffer of Knowable Research, Bill Tuohig, J.D. Power & Associates, I shared my thoughts on what types of research benefit most from various types of automated sentiment as well as when I think other areas of text analytics are more important.

Of significance here I think is that this is the first time in over seven years of working in text analytics where I've been asked to participate in a text analytics interview series devoted specifically to market research practitioners. You can read the interviews here.

I look forward to your thoughts and questions regarding sentiment analysis specifically or text analytics in general, and whether or not you agree or disagree with any of our thoughts.

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