I’ve Seen the Future, and there’s a lot of Apple in it!

[Re-posted from the Next Gen Market Research blog at www.tomhcanderson.com] Mac's Everywhere but Why?

I took this picture #ThroughGlass in one of the classes I guest lectured in at Columbia Business School today. Everywhere I looked I saw Apple. I counted in the next class as well, I'd say over 90% of the laptops were Apple.

This isn't too different than what I've seen at other schools and in other programs including when guest lecturing to a class of engineers recently. In fact even here at Anderson Analytics - OdinText my lead developers prefer the Mac. It seems to be an entire Gen-Y thing.

I recently asked my lead engineer why he prefers a Mac (I pointed out when I studied engineering back in the day, the only people who used Macs were pretty much the graphic design folks). His answer, "Of course I can code on a PC, but why the hell would I want to!?!". He was referring primarily to the lack of "issues" with Macs (bugs/security and otherwise), but I can't help to think that while yes, security, aesthetics etc. has played a role, superior marketing is the real cause.

What are your thoughts? Is it mainly product related, due to the success of the iPhone, or did all that Hollywood product placement really pay off in the end?


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