How Do You Market Market Research Firms?

Marketing Text Analytics and Other Research

I speak at several conferences each year together with other colleagues on how and when to best employ text analytics and other research methodologies. But one thing that almost no one talks about is how to market research software or services. It’s always been a bit ironic that marketing researchers (those who research marketing) know so little about marketing. I guess it’s a bit like the shoe makers children.

Supplier Panel

Anyway, yesterday on YouTube I came across this market research firms supplier panel which I participated in last year at IIEX’s Marketing Day in NYC.

Client Panel

The supplier panel above was preceded by a panel of client researchers telling the audience “how they like to be marketed to”.

I realize both videos are a bit on the long side, but being so many of the blog readers are marketing researchers on both client and supplier side -- I’m genuinely curious on your  thoughts. How does one more effectively market research services or software?

And have you seen anyone who does it really well?

Tom H.C. Anderson | @TomHCanderson @OdinText

Tom H.C. Anderson

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