Ginny Valentine Research Award

OdinText - Anderson Analytics Founder Honored In conjunction with the Advertising Research Foundation’s annual 2013 Re:think conference on Tuesday, Tom H. C. Anderson, founder of Anderson Analytics and inventor of OdinText text analytics software was honored together with several other distinguished research colleagues at the GRIT/RFL Ginny Valentine Award Ceremony.


Other winners included

• Kristin Luck, Decipher, (US) for Advocating Gender Equality

• Stan Sthanunathan, (US) Coca-Cola, for Leading by Principle

• Batool Batalvi, SB&B Marketing Research, (Pakistan and Canada), for Raw Bravery for the Greater Good

• Kyle Nel, Lowe’s Home Improvement, (US) for Taking Action

• John Kearon, Brainjuicer, (UK) for Waking up the Industry

• Manish Makhijani, Unilever, (UK) for Grace under Fire

• Catalina Meija and Yanhaas, (Colombia), for Giving a Voice to the People

Anderson was recognized with the award for his work in founding and moderating the Next Gen Market Research Group (NGMR), which has become the favorite online location for networking and discussion related to consumer insights research. Originally founded in 2007 for US researchers interested in incorporating data and text mining techniques with traditional market research, the group now consists of 21,000 researchers from all over the world who regularly discuss both software, technological innovation, methodological best practices, as well as other more general issues including the changing role of trade organizations, professional certifications and issues related to outsourcing or offshoring.

One of the award judges, Jon Puleston of GMI, explained that Tom Anderson was being recognized for voicing much needed issues and opinions in research, and because

The Next Gen community that he fostered has been a force for change within the industry and it wouldn’t have worked unless it was lead from the front by someone who stuck their neck out and voiced their opinions.

Jon went on to say that

Tom drives discussion by often making very bold statements, placing his position on things on the line and as a result opening himself up for fire… Without people like Tom, the industry would be a poorer, weaker willed place, with more cow-towing, buttering up and brushing under the carpet and herd mentality. Tom has helped the industry face up to issues and helped provoke change and for this he is receiving this award.

Congratulations to all the winners. Researchers interested in NGMR can visit the LinkedIn discussion board or blog.