Getting Started With Text Analytics

OdinText’s Intuitive Text Analytics Upload While our users tell us they love the powerful yet very intuitive user interface of OdinText, and the fact that with just a very short online training session they can be up and running using text analytics, we find that a lot of users don’t begin a project right after the training session. Therefore the most frequent text analytics question among our non-enterprise clients is “How do I upload the data again”?


Don’t worry! To make it easier for new users we’ve posted the video above to YouTube. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions including a review of how to upload data. However uploading data really is that easy (normal data sets are uploaded and coded within just a few minutes).

Technically there is no wrong way to upload data to OdinText. During training we give you some good tips on how to think about your raw data, as well as how to improve your structured and unstructured data collection processes.

OdinText can help anyone become a Data Scientist, it really is that easy, it just takes a little time to get used to analyzing unstructured data.

Good luck and happy text mining! :)

Anderson Analytics – OdinText Support

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