Big Data on the Roof!

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Those of you in Manhattan interested in Big Data and Analytics, I’ve been invited to represent text analytics - unstructured analysis on a big data panel at the Disruptive Technologists Meetup in NYC this coming Monday.

Would love to see some other Next Gen Market Researchers in the area come out for the event. It sounds like a very interesting group . If you don’t come for the panel, come for the mingling on the rooftop bar ;)

More info below:

Disruptive Technologists in NYC - Big Data: New Initiatives, Opinions & Future

Monday, June 2, 2014 6:15-10:30pm

[Big Data is a collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis, including social media, text, visual images and metadata. We'll explore the new initiatives, new products, opinions, and the future of data.]


Tom H. C. Anderson Tom Anderson is the CEO of Anderson Analytics and an award-winning data scientist specializing in unstructured (text) data. His firm Anderson Analytics’s patented Next Generation text analytics software was recently named a key challenger to previous leaders in the text analytics space such as IBM, Clarabridge and SAS. OdinText is the only text analytics software platform especially designed for the consumer insights professional. Tom’s pioneering work in the field has been covered in several decision science text books and industry trade journals.

Gale Brewer Gale A. Brewer is the 27th Manhattan Borough President, responsible for advising the Mayor and City Council on borough concerns, commenting on all land-use matters in the borough, advocating for the borough in the municipal budget process, and appointing members of Manhattan's 12 Community Boards. The Borough President also chairs the Borough Board, made up of City Council Members and Chairs from the Community Boards, and the Borough Services Cabinet, composed of senior officials from City agencies delivering services in the borough.

She previously served on the City Council for 12 years, from 2002 through 2013, representing the 6th Council District which includes most of the Upper West Side and northern Clinton. As Councilmember, she successfully passed legislation guaranteeing paid sick leave for most hourly employees, compelling landlords to fix repeat violations, requiring all City data be published online, and the nation’s first law protecting domestic workers.

Andrew Lerner Andrew Lerner is the CEO of Metrics which collects about 17,000 unique data measurements per web page and has developed several dozen algrothrims that apply that data. Those algorithms are used to help advertisers and media sellers define what advertising impressions best meet a brand's buying guidelines in scale digital media buys. He has more than 18 years of experience working at the convergence of the media and software industries. Since 1992, he has focused particularly on the Internet. Andy founded, ran, and sold a venture backed company, Urban Data Solutions, that delivered multi-dimensional databases and data applications via the internet for wireless telecommunications, real estate, the government, and media industries. For five years in the 1990’s, Andy ran Time Warner Electronic Publishing.

Rick o'Toole Rick O'Toole is the founder and CTO of Rockerbox, the leader in Momentum-Marketing. Rockerbox processes and analyzes over 4 billion ad impressions a day to determine the real-time intent of millions of web browsers. With this insight, Rockerbox enables companies like Shutterstock, Journelle and Learnvest to target the optimal user with the correct message at the right moment. Most recently, Rick led integrations at AppNexus for companies such as Facebook and Yahoo in addition to being a founding data science engineer in AppNexus’ Marketplace-Analytics group. Rick holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Harvey Mudd College.

Sage Wohns Sage Wohns is the CEO & Founder of Agolo, a Natural Language Processing Engine that is making sense of real-time web content. This application alerts users to what’s immediately relevant for them and answers their questions automatically. With 500,000,000 tweets a day, a new form of timely, relevant and personalized information is being created and lost because of the speed and volume of the real-time web. From a young age, Sage has been very interested in technology entrepreneurship including and WebFlux: Custom. He graduated fromColumbia Business Schooland is now the Lead Engineer at Rakuten.

Disruptive Moderator: David Carlos, CTO of,Tech Geek and Entrepreneur