Attensity, Clarabridge vs. OdinText: What’s the Difference?

Attensity Clarabridge Text Analytics Software Comparison - The Printing Press Still Prints, But Who Would Want To? I’m always a bit reluctant to talk about competitors because I don’t want to disparage anyone, but people often ask me: what differentiates OdinText from your two big, well-known text analytics software competitors, Attensity and Clarabridge?


Attensity and Clarabridge are traditional text analytics tools, but they adhere to an outmoded, rules-based approach. This means they require costly and time-consuming expert customization before they can be useful to a client.

Furthermore, once these rules-based dictionaries are created, they only apply to the data used to create the rules. So, if you attempt to use the tool in another industry, category or company or for a different data set, critical exceptions to these rules creep up that render them useless.

Attensiity Clarabridge Text Analytics Software Comparison


In contrast, we built OdinText from an analyst’s perspective—not a developer’s—so that it’s intuitive, adaptive, data agnostic and fast. It doesn’t need all of this extensive priming and it works great right out of the box, which cuts the speed to insight dramatically.

The platform is easy to use, trainable to everyone and flexible in order to provide long-term value across an organization. This is part of the reason why we refer to our solution as Next Generation Text AnalyticsTM.


OdinText is the culmination of more than a decade of applied text analytics experience as a user of multiple text mining software platforms for large clients, including social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn.

We realized that all of these platforms were built on an approach that required custom dictionaries and linguistic rules—they are more similar than different—and on the analytics side they all lacked fundamental capabilities to perform the tasks for which researchers like us needed them.


The exclusive advantages to OdinText’s empirically-based, patented approach include what we refer to as Contextual Sentiment and ESC (Noise Reduction). Put simply, OdinText automatically filters out noise and brings important verbatim issues and relationships in the data to the user’s attention, allowing them to easily discover what they may not otherwise even have known to look for.

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Attensity Clarabridge Text Analytics Softwaer Comparison

The real innovation in word processing was not the technology, but its impact: Word processing simplified and democratized publishing.

OdinText doesn’t require a team of linguists, data scientists or expert consultants to set up before you can use it or reuse it. OdinText enables anyone in your organization to quickly, easily conduct sophisticated analyses of any unstructured text data—survey open-ends, call center transcripts, email, social media, discussion boards—to deliver immediate insights.


In short, OdinText is built for the Analyst in mind - faster setup, cleaner data, better insight, all within a simple interface everyone -- especially Analysts -- can use.

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Yours fondly, @TomHCAnderson


[NOTE: Tom is Founder and CEO of OdinText Inc.. A long time champion of text mining, in 2005 he founded Anderson Analytics LLC, the first consumer insights/marketing research consultancy focused on text analytics. He is a frequent speaker and data science guest lecturer at university and research industry events.]