Analytics With a Purpose

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Just a friendly reminder that next week in San Diego is the American Marketing Associations second Analytics with a Purpose conference.


More info on the event is available here


Full disclosure, I am a member of the AMA’s Insights Council and will also be speaking at the conference together with my client from Disney oh how they benefit from OdinText analytics software (sneak peak podcast of talk here


However, last year before joining the council I also attended the Analytics With a Purpose event which was the first market research event ever focused on Big Data. For this reason and the fact that the AMA does a better job than any other organization in mixing marketers with researchers, and practitioners with academics (This is a continuous work in progress), I really feel they deserve our support.


If you’re interested and can’t make it, feel free to reach out and I’ll try to fill you in. We’ll be tweeting under #AMAanalytics