AMA Awards OdinText the Lavidge Prize for Global Marketing Research Innovation!

AMA Text Aaltyic Award logo American Marketing Association Honors OdinText Next Generation Text Analytics for Significant Contribution to Consumer Insights Field

Greetings friends,

I’m blogging from the American Marketing Association’s Analytics with Purpose Conference in Scottsdale, AZ with some exciting news…

The AMA has just awarded OdinText the 2016 Lavidge Prize for Global Marketing Research!

The Lavidge Prize honors a marketing research innovation that has proven its practical value in the market.

Basically, I’m told OdinText qualified for this distinction for “making data science accessible to non-data scientists.” (In other words, it’s a tool that marketers and marketing researchers can use.)

The Lavidge Prize is presented through the AMA Foundation’s Robert J. Lavidge Endowment, whose namesake, the legendary Bob Lavidge, was on hand along with Google’s Chris Chapman, president of the AMA’s Marketing Insights Council. (Pictured below)


One of our goals in creating OdinText was to build the tool from an analyst’s perspective, not a software developer’s, so that a marketer could run sophisticated predictive analyses and simulations by themselves, quickly and easily.

Needless to say, to be recognized by the AMA for developing a text analytics solution that actually works for analysts is deeply gratifying.

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We're continuing to improve OdinText to make sure it remains the best text analytics software in the market for voice of customer and consumer insight research.

My heartfelt thanks to the judges and to the AMA!

Yours fondly,