10 Useful Business Analytics Posts


A Recap of Our Client Side Q&A Series

In case you missed it last week, below are links to 10 Q&A blog posts ahead of the Useful Business Analytics Summit in Boston where I’ve been asked to moderate the panel on CRM and Loyalty Analytics.

We received a lot of positive feedback on a few of the posts below, especially the 'Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tips', and want to thank the speakers who participated:



Thomas Speidel – Statistician & Data Scientist, Suncor Energy Deepak Tiwari – Head of Strategic Analytics and Insights, Google Sofia Freyder – Director of Product Management/ Product Leader, MasterCard Anthony Palella – VP of Data Analytics at Angie’s List Farouk Ferchichi – Executive Director, Toyota Financial Services Jonathan Isernhagen – , Director – Marketing Analysis, Travelocity Larry Shiller – Data Management Consultant, Yale University Alex Uher – Director, CRM & Analytics, L’Oréal Paris

Here are the Q&A posts in reverse chronological order

  1. Useful Business Analytics Summit
  2. What We’ve Got All Wrong About Big Data
  3. Analytics – Keeping Up to Date
  4. Top 10 Big Data Analytics Tips
  5. Are All Data Created Equal?
  6. The Text Analytics Opportunity
  7. How to Select Your Analytics Software
  8. Selling Analytics – Top 5 Tips (Client POV)
  9. Five Analytics Business Startup Tips
  10. Talking Analytics to the CEO – Top 5 Tips

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