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Founder Tom H. C. Anderson fell in love with natural language processing in graduate school in 2001. Subsequently, as a consultant managing Starwood Hotel’s guest satisfaction program (comprising over 1.2 million guest feedback records per year), Tom founded Anderson Analytics, the first marketing research firm to leverage natural language processing in applied consumer insights research. The firm informally partnered with and used early text analytics software from several analytics software firms.

The focus was very much on answering the “So What” question Fortune 500 clients were asking. During these early years, the firm received several industry awards for its best practices and innovative methodology. As a result, the firm’s work has been published in multiple decision-science textbooks and presented at over a hundred industry events.

In 2011, seeing the gap between what business intelligence software firms were providing, and what businesses needed, Anderson Analytics began developing a new unique approach to text analytics (OdinText) which is superior to the traditional methods that focus on sentence-level understanding.

Until now, the approaches to text analytics have been a combination of linguistics, Bayesian statistics or machine learning. All three of these approaches suffer from a plethora of constraints, including the requirement of significant training data and customization, as well as the fact that they only focus on the individual comment level, excluding critical contextual information.

In 2015 OdinText, Inc. launched, and the software is now in use across a wide variety of industries, firms and data sets.

In 2017 we expanded our team and redesigned the entire application to be compatible with API integrations and enhanced the user interface.

In 2018 the team welcomed Andy Greenawalt as our new CEO to lead the business.



OdinText has received awards

for innovation and research best practices


Management Team


andy greenawalt




Tom H. c. Anderson

Founder & CRO



Timothy Lynch



Malgorzata Kolling, PHD

Data scientist


Jennifer Cristo

Director of HR and Finance


BenJAMIN Balaguer, PhD

Lead engineer


Andrew Vogel

data scientist

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