A Quest for Insight 


OdinText is the blog for OdinAnswers.

The OdinText blog has been around since 2015, and we wanted to preserve it. As the software has grown the ‘text’ in our name gave the impression that Odin was only about ‘text.’ While text, the captured thoughts and feelings of customers is still at our heart, we have added; cross-tabs, visualizations, group comparisons, organizational (KPI) metrics, statistical testing, and, predictive analytics. Our customers used text but needed Answers, and so OdinAnswers was born.

Carl Sagan said it best, “When you’re in love, you want to tell the world”. This is where we can geek out and talk about all aspects of analysis. We hope you find our content informative and welcome you to join in the discussion. We keep comments open on all our posts. It isn’t in our DNA to turn them off :-).