How does their happiness impact your business?


OdinText shows you the connections between your customers’ thoughts & feelings and the metrics that drive your business.

You don’t need to spend days manually reading Excel any longer

Twice the insight in half the time

Text Analytics tools that’s built for business

As a researcher, all you have is your time so you can’t waste it. With the power to understand topics, emotions, and sentiment, OdinText understands your customers, but to find insights faster, we don’t stop there.

With metrics baked into our DNA, OdinText means business. The links between your customers' thoughts and feelings and your business metrics are the key to discovering meaningful insights. OdinText was built to understand that intersection and discover what issues demand your attention faster.

Right-Sized for your needs 

OdinSolo is a powerful tool for the solo practitioner working on smaller independent projects and studies. Ideal for an independent consultant, department of one or a freelancer that needs a text analytics solution that lets you focus on the analysis.  

OdinTeams is our subscription designed for small groups that are working on ad hoc and tracking studies across your organization. Expanded features include: additional data processing, shared projects, shared dictionaries, and API access to generate twice the insights in half the time.  

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Bring confidence to your decisions and focus your team on what matters most

Understanding as a service

The answers you need, as you need them

As an executive, you face critical decisions on a daily basis. To make the best decisions possible, you gather feedback through surveys, online reviews, and other sources. The challenge is, while there’s a lot of data, the answers you need for decisions are still unclear.

OdinAnswers was built for you as a turnkey service to provide leaders with the guidance they need to drive business performance. Through a connection to your customer feedback and other supporting data, we provide reliable and meaningful insights to inform your business decisions without the burden of more projects, tools, and staff. Delivered by an OdinExpert on a schedule that meets your needs, OdinAnswers provides actionable insights on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

Your team works with a dedicated OdinExpert to determine the critical questions you want, e.g.:How is a new feature being received? How are competitors changing our market? Has an external event impacted our customers? In addition to the questions you have, we mine your customer feedback and business performance information for vital links that are emerging and impactful, finding necessary changes that you didn’t know about yet.

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