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Don’t let another project with open-ended responses go unanalyzed.

The best text analytics tool featuring;

  • Automatic Term Detection
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Significance Testing
  • Custom Dictionaries
  • Sentiment and Emotional detection
  • Group Comparisons
  • Coded and Raw exports

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The planning season is here.  Researchers have to finalize the annual plans and budgets for 2018 we would like to remind to include text analytics.  

Upto 2 months free.  We want to ensure all your unstructured text that will be generated in 2018 is properly analyzed.   Your success is is important to us so if you licence OdinText in 2017, we will train you and your team, get your account setup, and, help you to run text analytics on your current data so that you are ready to tackle the new year.