A Powerful Text Data Mining Tool, but Easy to Use.

Why Use OdinText for Text Data Mining?

Sentiment AnalysisIn the next two years people will generate as much data as has been created over the entire course of human history! More than 80% of this will be text data, not numeric.

Unfortunately, most organizations are not equipped to conduct the advanced data mining necessary to harness the flood of new text data for competitive advantage.

That’s because until recently, text data mining required a team of data scientists with text analysis software that involved costly and time-consuming expert customization.

But now with the intuitive and adaptable OdinText platform, anyone in the organization can quickly and easily perform sophisticated text data mining with no complicated set up, advanced training or data science expertise.

OdinText not only enables you to mine meaningful insights from oceans of text data, but also uniquely leverages the context provided by structured, non-text data to produce even greater insights!

OdinText makes text data mining simple and accessible to any organization!

About OdinText

screens2OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for natural language processing and advanced content analysis. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to understand vast quantities of complex, unstructured text data—survey open-ends, call center transcripts, email, social media, discussion boards—and to rapidly, easily mine valuable insights that would not have been otherwise obtainable without a data scientist. Find out More >.


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I have not seen anything like OdinText, which really helps a user understand what’s important and what to focus on. There is nothing quite like it…we are certainly continuing to use it in my organization.
– Senior Manager Fresh Direct