Poll Position: The Fastest Track to Brand Positioning Insight

“The basic approach of positioning is not to create something new and different, but to manipulate what’s already up there in the mind.”
– Al Ries, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”

To understand how the consumer actually perceives your brand and that of competitors, relative to each other, is the crucial first step in brand positioning today.

  • What does the consumer believe about you?
  • What do they believe about your competitor?
  • What does it mean for your brand?

Now you can have the answers to these questions at a level of insight, speed, and cost effectiveness that did not exist before!

Introducing Poll Position—a game-changing analysis for first-time OdinText users that uncovers actual brand positioning in the mind of the consumer versus the competition using advanced text analytics in only five days!

Why Poll Position?

Nothing provides a more accurate read of people’s perceptions—or is more predictive of actual behavior—than consumer feedback, unaided and in their own words.

Poll Position brand positioning analysis uses the Text Analytics Poll™, a method we’ve showcased here on the OdinText blog and which companies who license OdinText have been using themselves in their organizations with dramatic results.

Text Analytics Polls™ have shown with remarkable accuracy how asking consumers a single question with an open-ended response rapidly uncovers actual beliefs and intentions. Based on our repeated success we have created Poll Position—a rapid research method to uncover brand beliefs!

This technique has proven incredibly effective at revealing actual brand positioning in the minds of consumers relative to competitors because it relies on unaided comments directly from consumers in their own words, and at scale projectable to the general population thanks to the patented OdinText platform, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to rapidly analyze massive amounts of unstructured data to derive meaning.

How Does Poll Position Work?

Poll Position brand positioning analysis relies on a single, open-ended question fielded to a nationally-representative general population sample. We’ll do this twice: once for your brand, and once for a competitor you’ve selected.

We then analyze the results using the award-winning OdinText unstructured data analytics platform, which identifies and quantifies important ideas/themes in people’s comments and also qualifies and quantifies the emotions expressed in those comments.

The result is a detailed, quantified understanding of how the consumer truly thinks and feels about your brand in relation to that of your competitor.

What Do I Get?

  • Two Text Analytics Polls – One for your brand and a second for a competitor of your choice, fielded to a nationally representative general population sample of 3,000 consumers. We’ll design the question, provide the sample*, field the polls and collect 3,000 comments from consumers, unaided and in their own words. (*Confidence interval of +/-2.53 at the 95% confidence level.)
  • Positioning Analysis – Using the award-winning OdinText platform, we’ll analyze these data sets together to identify and quantify the primary attributes and characteristics of your brand’s positioning in the minds of consumers relative to your competitor’s positioning.
  • Emotional Analysis – We’ll supplement the positioning analysis with a second analysis qualifying and quantifying the emotions underlying your brand positioning versus that of your competitor.
  • Final Report in 5 Days! – Within just FIVE days, clients receive a report deck in PowerPoint with five slides providing a complete comparative analysis of their brand’s positioning and that of their competitor with key findings, including charts, ready to share and present to colleagues!

Total Cost: ONLY $5,000!

No, that’s not a typo. And yes, it’s an incredible opportunity.

To achieve anything remotely comparable to Poll Position’s output using conventional research tools would require costly and time-consuming focus groups followed by a large, nationally representative survey with extensive attribute batteries. And these tools combined would still not provide the level of insight achieved with Poll Position!

Here’s the catch: Poll Position is only available to customers who have never used OdinText before, although anyone who licenses OdinText can do it themselves whenever they like!

How Can I Use Poll Position?

Rapid results from one Poll Position brand positioning analysis can be used to:

  • Inform quarterly or even in–the-month marketing decisions and pivots, crisis response, and high-impact tweaks to ongoing advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Provide a quick, inexpensive, and independent and objective third-party validation of major brand, loyalty, and other tracking research
  • Drive future research efforts, from influencing the phrasing of surveys to directing probes in a qualitative moderator’s guide to driving entirely new lines of questioning and new directions of research exploration, and much, much more!

Discover how Poll Position can shed new light on your brand positioning now!

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