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We surveyed nearly two thousand market researchers this year and when asked about their experience with text analytics researchers overwhelmingly asked for “better text analytics that can make data more meaningful, easier to interpret, and filter out the garbage”
– OdinText listened!
*SOURCE: Greenback Industry Trends Report GRIT Q1-Q2 2015

What Are Your Text Analytics Needs

Bring the voice of your customers alive
with every data set you present!

Are you ready to become a data scientist
starting today?

OdinText is the best tool for understanding text and mixed (structured and unstructured) data. The next chapter in analytics will be written by analysts who won’t have to worry about complicated or expensive software, but instead will be able to focus on what really matters – their data and the insights within it!


NPS/Satisfaction Comments

Bring life to future waves by actually including open-end response data.

Bulletin Board Discussions

Bring life to future waves by actually including open-end response data.

Website Feedback Data

Finally use this incredibly rich, untapped data source.

Call Center Logs

There is no such thing as too much text for OdinText, we will immediately make sense of customer conversations

Custom MR Studies

Eliminate time-consuming coding, human error, static code sheets, etc. and incorporate complete open-end responses directly with structured data

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