OdinText Key Driver Analysis: Identify What’s Driving Your KPIs and By How Much!

How actionable are your research insights? Can you quantify the return on your research investment? Does your organization know exactly what to do when a KPI like customer satisfaction or NPS fluctuates?

According to the 2017 Q1-2 GRIT (Greenbook Research Industry Report), the number one unmet need of research buyers is “recommending business actions based on the research.”

Now you can take action on your KPIs with a level of precision, speed, and cost effectiveness that did not exist before!

Introducing the OdinText Key Driver Analysis—a game-changing analysis for first-time OdinText users that identifies precisely which factors are driving your KPIs and the extent to which each contributes to the results you’re seeing!

And we’ll do it using data you already have.

How Does OdinText Key Driver Analysis Work?

  • Pick a KPI (NPS, customer sat, loyalty, etc.) that you track using a survey that includes at least one open-ended question or other comment data


Pick a key demo/segment you track against (ex. Platinum, Gold or Silver customers)


  • Give us your data!
  • We’ll build a model and run those data through the OdinText advanced analytics platform to determine which—and by exactly how much—key factors are critically important to your performance and the extent to which they’re driving your KPI.


What Do I Need to Participate?

To perform this analysis, we’ll need a few months to a year’s worth of survey data that contains results from at least one open-ended question or other comment data.

What Do I Get?

Eligible first-time OdinText users receive a comprehensive Key Driver Analysis that identifies what factors are driving your KPI, by rank order and with a quantified influence score showing precisely how much each driver impacts the score.

Using the priority rankings from this analysis, your organization can focus with unprecedented precision on the factors that matter most to your success!

Final Report in Just 5 Days!

Within just 5 days, eligible clients will receive a report deck in PowerPoint with five slides providing a complete analysis with key findings, including charts, ready to share and present to colleagues!

Total Cost: ONLY $15,000!

No, that’s not a typo. And yes, it’s an incredible opportunity.

Here’s the catch: The OdinText Key Driver Analysis is only available to customers who have never used OdinText before, although anyone who licenses OdinText can do it themselves whenever they like!

How Can I Use the OdinText Key Driver Analysis?

Rapid results from one OdinText Key Driver Analysis can be used to:

  • Inform quarterly or even in–the-month marketing decisions and pivots, crisis response, and high-impact tweaks to ongoing advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Directly increase sales or KPIs at specific demo- or customer segment-level by allowing the organization to focus critical and scarce resources on exactly the actions that matter most
  • Drive future research efforts, from influencing the phrasing of surveys to directing probes in a qualitative moderator’s guide, to driving entirely new lines of questioning and new directions of research exploration, and much, much more!

Discover how the OdinText Key Driver Analysis can enable your organization to take precise actions that deliver real results!

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