A Powerful Employee Engagement Research Tool, but So Easy to Use.

Why Use OdinText for Employee Engagement Research

No other structured variables or survey questions can predict employee engagement better than unstructured text data. OdinText makes it easy to discover exactly what drives employee engagement up or down by how much and what doesn’t.

About OdinText

OdinText is a patented SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform for natural language processing and advanced text analysis. Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Shell Oil use OdinText to mine insights from complex, unstructured text data. Find out more here.


A Powerful Employee Engagement Research Tool, But Easy to Use.

“I have not seen anything like OdinText, which really helps a user understand what’s important and what to focus on. There is nothing quite like it…we are certainly continuing to use it in my organization”.

– Senior Manager Fresh Direct