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And why your research may be just as inaccurate… [Missed ARF’s Post-Election Podcast? Watch the Free Video – Special Event Video Explores Election Poll Fail and Implications for Market Research] I know many of you weren’t able to get into the ARF’s post-election podcast this week due to limited space, but now you can watch the video! […]


Text Analysis of Thanksgiving 2016

Tom H. C. Anderson
November 25th, 2016

What We’re Thankful For I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was curious what people are most thankful for this year and so I asked 1500 Americans. Here, in order of most frequently mentioned, are the subjects OdinText identified: I’ve written a lot about Quant vs. Qual research on the blog here recently, and […]


Shedding Light on Dark Data: How to Get Started

Tom H. C. Anderson
November 16th, 2016

Move over Big Data. There’s a new buzzword: dark data. It’s actually not so new—Gartner coined the term a couple years back—but dark data is finally starting to catch on in market research circles and it represents a huge untapped opportunity for insights! Gartner defined dark data as “the information assets organizations collect, process, and […]


Don’t Miss the EVOLVE Virtual Roundtable on Monday at Noon! The ability to understand decision-making and to predict actual behavior today is advancing rapidly, and much of it is coming out of qualitative research. On this Monday, Nov. 14 at 12:00 EST, I’ll be participating in a virtual roundtable discussion as part of The Evolve […]



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