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Trend Watching +OdinText

February 19th, 2018

How Your Customers Speak – OdinText Indexes Top Slang and Buzz Words for 2018 Understanding how your key customer demographic communicates about your category, and your product is key in learning how to communicate with them most effectively. One of the posts I’ve come to enjoy most, yet also the most difficult to write, is […]


Net Promoter Score (NPS) +OdinText = Predictive NPS It was nice to see Research Business Report cover one of our Net Promoter (NPS) Case Studies today on Research Business Report. We’ve found contrary to popular belief, NPS and other Customer Satisfaction ratings like Overall Satisfaction don’t correlate much with important KPI’s like Return Behavior and […]


ad testing +OdinText [Authors note. As I am writing this blog post early Monday morning after the Super Bowl, I have already completed the initial ad testing analysis. It’s the case where modern AI and analytics software (OdinText) is faster than the data collection process/vendor we’re relying on. We’ve asked an open ended comment question […]


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