What Is Text Analytics?

Next Generation Text AnalyticsTM

Text Analytics involves applying advanced statistics and other machine learning techniques to text data in order to find patterns and discover important relationships, which leads to valuable insights.

First generation text analytics tools currently on the market have a rules based approach. The problem with these software is that their rules do not transfer well between industries, categories and various types of data, and therefore require timely and costly customization.

OdinText Next Generation Text AnalyticsTM is different. OdinText works great out of the box, offering extremely useful insights while being incredibly easy to use!


OdinText is often used by market researchers to understand what different segments of customers are talking about as well as how this is changing over time. OdinText makes it easy to understand what is driving various outcomes by allowing you to understand what in your text is driving other target data (such as customer satisfaction) up or down and by how much.

In addition to answering questions, OdinText can also identify and track not just sentiment, but emotions. Depending on the data, various psychological attributes such as anger, fear, trust, etc. can be used to better understand customer concerns.


What Makes OdinText Different?


Where other tools reply primarily on linguistic sentiment, which is often inaccurate, OdinText is able to put text into context with accompanying structured data (such as satisfaction likert scales, dollars spent, return behavior, etc.) to gain a much more accurate understanding of your data and the big picture.

At OdinText we believe text analytics is synonymous with text mining which is synonymous with data mining. Current text analytics and social media monitoring tools, all which focus on text data in isolation, have missed the point.Next Generation Text Analytics should be data agnostic, unstructured and structured data go together like Peanut butter and Jelly, if you’re only leveraging one without the other, you are seriously compromising your predictive abilities.

What is the Output?

A complete text analytics platform, OdinTexthelps you visualize your data in tables, charts, and more advanced visualizations.

You can easily drill down to the actual record level from anywhere in OdinText, and any tables can be exported into excel at the click of a button.


Other Questions?

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